Epistane A.K.A ‘Epi’ – The King Of Prohormones?

Epistane prohormone

The lean mass prohormone Epistane or as it is more commonly known ‘Epi’ was recently identified as the most popular prohomone of all time! In this blog we will take a closer look at Epi to help establish what’s made it such a popular choice and what benefits it can offer to the serious athlete.

First of all we should mention that Epistane may be known by various names. Largely, these products are the same ‘Epi’ compound in varying dosages and under differenet brand names. Examples include:

History of Epistane

Epistane was first brought to the market in 2006 by Recomp Performance Nutrition (RPN Havoc) and has since been sold openly as a legal dietary supplement. However, do not let the legal status lead you to believe it is not a potent product – it is!  Epistane or ‘methepitiostane’ as it was known prior to its commercial success was first described in 1966 in Japan. Searle Laboratories who assayed methepitiostane for anabolic and androgenic potency discovered very pronounced anabolic properties and weak relative androgenicity (1100:91). Simplified this demonstrates that Epistane has 12 times more pronounced anabolic (tissue building) effect than its androgenic effect.

The Effects of Epistane

Methepitiostane/Epistane is an orally active compound derived from dihydrotestosterone. Due to Epistane being orally active no conversion is required to illicit its muscle building effects. Many claim that Epi has anti-oestrogen effects whilst others repudiate the notion. At Anabolic Addictions we side with the notion that Epi DOES have anti-oestrogenic effects. Why? Any meaningful research will lead you to know that Epistane is a c17-alpha alkylated analog of ‘epitiostane’ (note the name ‘epitiostane’ is reflective of methepitiostane ‘meth’ of course denoting the methylated addition). It’s only logical to agree that Epi has anti-oestrogen effects given that the non-methylated analog ‘mepitiostane’ is used clinically for its inherent anti-oestrogenic effects. As such a degree of anti-oestrogenic effect is reasonable to assume in the methlated analog Epistane. As such an anti-oestrogen is not necessary when running an Epi cycle and gyneocomastia (gyno) is of minimal concern, even with sensitive individuals.

Furthermore, since oestrogen is the main culprit for water retention, bloat and fat gain the anti-oestrogenic effect from Epi means it is a prohormone which offers a high quality look to the physique. Thus Epi is a very favourable prohormone to use during cutting phases with a calorie restricted diet. However, Epistane is also noted to greatly increase the rate of protein synthesis and adds to strength gains which means it can equally be used to add lean muscle mass without the addition of unwanted fat and subcutaneous fluid retention. Epistane is an extremely versatile prohormone suitable for both bulking cycles and cutting cycles.

Possible Side Effects

Shredded Labs STAN-300 Stano

Another major benefit of Epi is that it commonly has minimal side effects in relation to its potency. As a primarily anabolic (muscle building) prohormone, androgenic side effects such as acne, hair growth/loss and aggression are unlikely. Although side effects are generally low, 0ne of the real risks of any highly anabolic prohormone such as Epi is a lack of libido and energy towards the latter stages of a cycle. This is likely to be due to Epi’s low levels of oestrogenic and androgenic activity. However, many users find that stacking Epi with a mild androgen such as ‘Stano’ will alliviate these side effects if they do occur. Furthermore, Stano products such as STANO are non-methylated meaning they can safely be stacked without significant additional liver strain. Generally, Epistane is low on side effects and is a popular and justifiable choice for prohormone novices. Epi makes for a great first prohormone cycle.

A Typical Epi Cycle

As an extremely popular product we are often asked what is the best way to cycle Epi? Should I taper Epi up and down? How long should I take Epi? Do I need a PCT followin an Epi cycle? What should I use for Epi PCT? Believe us the list is endless.  To help answer these questions we will now offer what we consider to be an appropriate cycle for someone looking to complete their first Epi cycle. Of course these are offered as a guide only and should not be thought of as instructions nor set in stone.


Epistane cycles were traditionally ran for 4 weeks. However, from our own experience and customer feedback we feel that 6 weeks offers a more beneficial ratio of ‘gains vs sides’. The reason for stating this is that many individuals will start to really feel Epistane come into effect after around 3 weeks. With the traditional approach this meant that once Epi was at it’s optimal level there was only 1 week remaining and essentially cycles were being cut short. However, with a 6 week Epi cycle you get the extended benefits of Epi without extending the cycle to an extent that recovery becomes more difficult or the possibility of side effects become increased.


The sweet spot for most people using Epistane for the first time seems to be around 30-40mg per day. Epistane is commonly offered in 10mg capsules and has an average half life. To optimise an Epi cycle we would recommend splitting the dosage evenly. For a 30mg per day Epi cycle – 1 capsule upon waking and another 7 hours later and the final 7 hours later again. For example, if you woke at 7am the dosages would be 7am, 2pm, 9pm using the above method.

For those using 40mg of Epi we would recommend splitting the dosages the same. However, to accommodate the additional 10mg of Epi we would recommend taking this with the first dosage or approximately 1 hour prior to training on training days.

Post Cycle Therapy

Although a SERM PCT is often the most effective and cost efficient PCT option it is accepted that Epi is a viable choice for an OTC PCT if a SERM is unavailable or you would prefer not to use such medications. We feel that stacking Arimistane (Erase) and D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) offers one of the most complete OTC PCT options for any Epi cycle. The stack is designed to reduced oestrogen and increases natural testosterone levels whilst also helping to reduce cortisol levels, which if unchecked can lead to increased body fat levels and reduced gains.

Hopefully, this blog helped to disestablish some of the myths about Epistane and give an overview of the benefits of Epi and what has made it such a popular prohormone choice. If you feel that Epi is a product you may enjoy then you won’t go far wrong with EPILEAN or The Complete Starter Stack

  1. I just finished a cycle of Epivar-10 after reading this blog – absolutely loved the stuff! Can’t wait to try some more prohormones in the new year!

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