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BRAWN Nutrition

Brawn Prohormones UK, TREST, O-BOL, Mecha, TRENA-V, EPi
BRAWN NUTRITION deliver fantastic value for money offering prohormone classics such as P-Mag, Halodrol and Epistane plus newer products like Mechabol, Trendione, Ostarine, TUDCA and more! With regular purity testing on all products you can be sure of the highest quality at all times.

BRAWN P-MAG 35 (Promagnon)
Brawn P-MAG 35 offers consistent gains, minimal side effects and “dry” gains that are relatively easy to maintain post cycle, subsequently it’s also a popular selection for beginners due to the reasons aforementioned above.
This isn't just your normal Aromatose inhibitor! It works much harder! Formestane is great for blocking Estrogen and is also a prohormone. It converts to 4- hydroxytestosterone, literally testosterone, which cannot convert to estrogen.
PCT Complete contains only proven ingredients that target the real issues with the post cycle era. Brawn's revolutionary PCT product reverses these afflictions and allows your post cycle transition to be smooth and effortless.
New to the market and new to Brawn! Non-steroidal and with proven effectiveness, LGD is the perfect alternative to a PH cycle and the ideal SARM for gaining muscle. Can be used to bulk, cut and/or recomp!
BRAWN L-GEN (Laxogenin)
L-GEN is a revolutionary supplement intended to reduce cortisol and body fat while speeding up the muscle fibre healing process allowing for a faster rate of muscle gain without the need for PCT or OCS.
MK-677 acts as an orally active GH secretagogue. Benefits aside from muscle building include improved sleep quality, increased muscle and connective tissue growth, boosted immune system, and decreased fat.
SARM GW, GW-510516 increases glucose tolerance and reduces fat by increasing endurance, making this the perfect SARM for a cut. Due to it's anti-catabolic effect GW can help you lose fat whilst maintaining your size!
BRAWN TREST (Trestobol)
Brawn Trest is one of the most potent prohormones created to date. Perfect as a 'base' for prohormone stacks, to help maintain libido and energy on cycle. A great bulking prohormone with a on cycle feel good factor.
BRAWN Halo (Halodrol)
Expect solid gains in lean muscle mass and potential reductions in body fat. Brawn only produce the highest quality prohormones from the finest raw ingredients.
ATD is a suicidal A.I which means 'oestrogen rebound' is very unlikely, as such it is a preferable choice for PCT and oestrogen control. May also be used as an effective natural testosterone booster or bridge between cycles.
Brawn TUDCA Liver Supp
Regarded by many as the ultimate liver support supplement. Highly recommended for use with potent methylated prohormones such as M1T & SD to help reduce hepatotoxicity (liver strain).
BRAWN M-STEN (Methylsten / Ultradrol)
M-STEN is similar to superdrol but is much less harsh on the body. If you're looking for huge strength, body composition and lean muscle gains then Brawn M-Sten is an ideal choice.
BRAWN Kamikaze offers high energy; decreased appetite; mental and physical stimunlation; but none of the side effects associated with potent thermogenic fat burners, often over-packed with stimulants.
BRAWN Recompagen
Finally stop worrying about the cardio and low carb diets, counting every gram and being afraid to eat to grow and lean out simultaneously…. Brawn Recompagen is here!