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Extreme Labs

Extreme Labs Prohormones XL Rebellion, SD Xtreme, Epi Mayhem, TB Carrnage, T5, T6, T9
Extreme Labs offer a fine selection of long established popular prohormones such as Epi and Superdrol as well as more recent products such as Trendione and an extremely potent bulking stack: 'XL Rebellion'. For those perhaps looking to reduce body fat levels or manage weight then you will be please to see Extreme Labs' new line of fat burners which we are proud to stock. What ever your goal, weight loss or muscle gain, strength or conditioning and what ever your status, advanced athlete or casual gym member, Extreme Labs is a great choice!


Extreme Labs T5 DOMINATE
T5's offer powerful fat burning without the crash some alternative fat burners can produce. T5's are the mildest of the T series but by no means are they weak! Perfect for men and women looking to reduce body fat.