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GoldStar Performance Products

Halodrol, Halo, Prohormone, Cutting H-DROL
We are proud to introduce GoldStar Performance Products to the UK. GoldStar use only the purest raw ingredients which are certified for purity to ensure that you always get the results you expect and deserve. With some of the highest dosed products on the market you can be certain of superior value and superior results! 

Black Label TRENA30 (Trendione/Trenavar)
TRENA30 is a powerful non-methylated prohormone with strong anabolic and androgenic activity. TRENA30 is well known for its ability to quickly increase lean muscle mass and strength while simultaneously reducing body fat.
GoldStar HALO25 (Halodrol) BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
HALO25 provides a market leading 120, 25mg capsules of the purest halodrol available anywhere! HALO25 is a great choice for first cycles and can be used to support almost any goal from bulking to cutting.
GoldStar ON CYCLE Support
ON CYCLE provides market leading scientifically researched doses of pure ingredients for complete on cycle support. Even better, ON CYCLE provides a MASSIVE 60 DAYS OF COMPLETE PROTECTION!
GoldStar TEST'D UP (D-Aspartic Acid)
TEST'D UP scientifically proven to increase natural testosterone production by an average of 42% in just 12 days. The highest quality lab tested D-Aspartic Acid for rapid testosterone increases.
GoldStar ARIMIPCT (Arimistane/Erase
ARIMIPCT is a very valuable and proven PCT product. Able to reduce oestrogen and support rapid testosterone increases. Furthermore it has anti-cortisol qualities which help to ensure you maintain your gains and avoid fat gain.
Black Label SDROL+ (Superdrol)
Black Label's SDROL+ offers extreme quality and value with 90 x 12.5mg per tub! Perfect for those looking to run Superdrol at different dosages to the common 10mg versions to help reduce side effects and/or increase gains.
GoldStar STANO (Stanodrol)
Among athletes and bodybuilders STANO is favoured for its ability to significantly increase libido, muscle hardness and vascularity with minimal side effects and no significant liver toxicity. High dose 300mg x 90 caps!
ANON TRIPLE MASS (Superdrol, Ultradrol & Stanodrol)
SUPERSTEN was carefully designed to deliver easy to maintain, explosive muscle mass and strength gains without the water retention or possible risk of 'gyno' associated with 'wet' mass building prohormone stacks.