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Post Cycle Therapy

Prohormone PCT post cycle therapy, OTC PCT
Post Cycle Therapy or PCT as it's commonly known is essential following any prohormone cycle. Post Cycle Therapy will help to boost natural testosterone levels whilst also reducing less favourable hormones such as oestrogen, restoring the bodies natural balance which helps to maintain gains made on cycle.


Olympus Labs LJ100
LJ100Ⓡ is protected by a worldwide patent for treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility, developed by the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Government of Malaysia.
ARIMINATE prevents the production of excess estrogen and also results in higher testosterone levels, by preventing the conversion to estrogen, your body’s testosterone levels remain higher.
This isn't just your normal Aromatose inhibitor! It works much harder! Formestane is great for blocking Estrogen and is also a prohormone. It converts to 4- hydroxytestosterone, literally testosterone, which cannot convert to estrogen.
GoldStar TEST'D UP (D-Aspartic Acid)
TEST'D UP scientifically proven to increase natural testosterone production by an average of 42% in just 12 days. The highest quality lab tested D-Aspartic Acid for rapid testosterone increases.
GoldStar ARIMIPCT (Arimistane/Erase
ARIMIPCT is a very valuable and proven PCT product. Able to reduce oestrogen and support rapid testosterone increases. Furthermore it has anti-cortisol qualities which help to ensure you maintain your gains and avoid fat gain.
PCT Complete contains only proven ingredients that target the real issues with the post cycle era. Brawn's revolutionary PCT product reverses these afflictions and allows your post cycle transition to be smooth and effortless.
PNI PARAGON Hormone Support
Paragon targets every pathway to testosterone production, while still paying attention to estrogen, aromatase, and SHBG. There is no better PCT product on the market, and it’s extremely potent as a standalone test-booster.
PN ARIMADERM 60ml (Transdermal Arimistane)
One of the most successful anti-estrogen / PCT compounds ever. Arimistane's ability to ramp up natural test and control estrogen makes it perfect for use both on cycle and as PCT or even as a stand alone natural product.
ATD is a suicidal A.I which means 'oestrogen rebound' is very unlikely, as such it is a preferable choice for PCT and oestrogen control. May also be used as an effective natural testosterone booster or bridge between cycles.
MyoMuscle MyoZMA+ **Ultra Anabolic Support**
If you want the most potent ultra concentrated ZMA on the market look no further than MyoZMA+ While most alternative ZMA formulas offer a total of just 490.5mg of ZMA per serving MyoZMA+ offers a massive 632mg!
Pure Horny Goat Weed (Libido/Sexual Performance Support)
stimulates sexual activity in both men and women, increases sperm production, stimulates the sensory nerves. Especially useful to maintain and even increase sexual desire and performance on cycle/PCT