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As the UK's prohormone specialist we consider ourselves to be the top online store to buy prohormones. We stock the classic prohormones like: Superdrol, M1T, Epi, Tren, Halo etc as well as more recent prohormones like: XL Rebellion, EPITRENO, XI-KT, Trest etc. If you are looking to increase muscle mass, strength and performance to new levels there are NO other legal supplements which will or can deliver results like prohormones! Don't believe us? Read the unbiased customer reviews and make your own mind up. 

Shark Labs SUPER SD
Shark Labs SUPER SD is a potent product with each capsule containing ten milligrams of the active ingredient Superdrol. Superdrol is known for its ability to quickly increase, strength, muscle mass and performance.
Shark Labs STEN ACE
Shark Labs are back again with their STEN ACE with each capsule containing 7mg of methylstenbolone and a massive 150 capsules per bottle you will be able to easily dose your cycle to your liking.
Shark Labs - EPI BITE
EPI BITE by Shark Labs contains one of the World’s most used and popular legal pro hormones on the market. If you are not using it, you are missing out!
Black Label SDROL+ (Superdrol)
Black Label's SDROL+ offers extreme quality and value with 90 x 12.5mg per tub! Perfect for those looking to run Superdrol at different dosages to the common 10mg versions to help reduce side effects and/or increase gains.
GoldStar EPILEAN (Epistane)
With 15mg of the purest 'Epi' in every capsule and a massive 120 capsules in each tub you can be sure you've found the best value Epistane on the market! Lean, dry gains & minimal side effects - perfect for all experience levels.
Black Label TRENA30 (Trendione/Trenavar)
TRENA30 is a powerful non-methylated prohormone with strong anabolic and androgenic activity. TRENA30 is well known for its ability to quickly increase lean muscle mass and strength while simultaneously reducing body fat.
GoldStar FURAZA75 (Furazadrol)
FURAZA75 is extremely mild, yet still potent enough to produce noticeable fat loss and muscle gain. Perhaps most impressive, FURAZA75 causes almost no side effects. Perfect for beginners and stacking with other prohormones.
GoldStar HALO25 (Halodrol)
HALO25 provides a market leading 120, 25mg capsules of the purest halodrol available anywhere! HALO25 is a great choice for first cycles and can be used to support almost any goal from bulking to cutting.
GoldStar STANO (Stanodrol)
Among athletes and bodybuilders STANO is favoured for its ability to significantly increase libido, muscle hardness and vascularity with minimal side effects and no significant liver toxicity. High dose 300mg x 90 caps!
GoldStar M14ADD (M1,4ADD)
M14ADD (Dianabol precursor) is one of the few 'wet' prohormones left. Often favoured for its ability to increase mass and strength quickly with minimal side effects. Great on cycle feeling and 'alpha attitude'.
Black Label LEANBULK (Epistane & M1,4ADD)
A revolutionary new lean bulking stack designed to take the mass building effects of M1,4ADD to another level without the usual water retention and risk of oestrogen related side effects.
Black Label SUPERSTEN (Superdrol & Ultradrol)
SUPERSTEN was carefully designed to deliver easy to maintain, explosive muscle mass and strength gains without the water retention or possible risk of 'gyno' associated with 'wet' mass building prohormone stacks.
Black Label MASS XL (Superdrol & LMG)
GoldStar's version of the extremely popular Superdrol & LMG bulking stack. However, GoldStar take it to a new level with 12.5mg of Superdrol and 30mg of LMG in every capsule plus 90 caps per tub rather than 60!
Black Label EPITRENO (Epi, Trendione & Stano)
This triple stack promises to deliver extreme results with minimal side effects. With Epi 12.5mg, Trendione 25mg & Stano 200mg in every capsule EPITRENO doesn't just deliver extreme results it also delivers amazing value!
HardRock D-DROL (Dimethandrostenol)
Dimethandrostenol is a revolutionary ingredient that is found in D-DROL, and is known to be more potent and more effective than M1T and Superdrol. Dimethandrostenol's anabolic ratio is extremely high at 1000:200
Hard Rock Supplements Methastadrol (Superdrol)
Methastadrol is regarded as one of the most potent legal muscle building supplements of all time. Users commonly report increased size and strength and enhanced recovery. Whilst literature supports evidence of increased protein synthesis .
PN ARIMADERM 60ml (Transdermal Arimistane)
One of the most successful anti-estrogen / PCT compounds ever. Arimistane's ability to ramp up natural test and control estrogen makes it perfect for use both on cycle and as PCT or even as a stand alone natural product.
This isn't just your normal Aromatose inhibitor! It works much harder! Formestane is great for blocking Estrogen and is also a prohormone. It converts to 4- hydroxytestosterone, literally testosterone, which cannot convert to estrogen.
BRAWN P-MAG 35 (Promagnon)
Brawn P-MAG 35 offers consistent gains, minimal side effects and “dry” gains that are relatively easy to maintain post cycle, subsequently it’s also a popular selection for beginners due to the reasons aforementioned above.
BRAWN Halo (Halodrol)
Expect solid gains in lean muscle mass and potential reductions in body fat. Brawn only produce the highest quality prohormones from the finest raw ingredients.
BRAWN EPI (Epistane 120 caps)
Brawn Epi comes with 120 10mg caps offering users a 40 day cycle at 30mg per day from just a single tub which makes BRAWN EPI Superb quality and value! A great option for first time prohormone users.
Great addition to PCT or 'On Cycle'. No need to cycle or use Post Cycle Therapy following a run. In fact, Epic Elite would make an ideal addition to your PCT since it helps increase strength & stamina and decrease LDL Cholesterol
At a dose of upto 300mg per day PCT is not required. However, fat loss, muscle hardening, strength and athletic performance increases are noted, with no side effects. A very mild cycle, perfect for beginners!
BRAWN MECHA (Mechabol)
MECHA is an obvious choice for anyone 'bulking'. Early feed back on MECHA suggests that users can expect dramatic mass and strength gains with minimal side effects for such a potent product.
BRAWN M-STEN (Methylsten / Ultradrol)
M-STEN is similar to superdrol but is much less harsh on the body. If you're looking for huge strength, body composition and lean muscle gains then Brawn M-Sten is an ideal choice.
BRAWN O-BOL (Ostabol/Ostarine)
Ostabol is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. A SARM is exactly what it sounds like: a compound (not an anabolic steroid) which has the ability to stimulate the androgen receptor (much the same way as anabolic steroids)
BRAWN TREST (Trestobol)
Brawn Trest is one of the most potent prohormones created to date. Perfect as a 'base' for prohormone stacks, to help maintain libido and energy on cycle. A great bulking prohormone with a on cycle feel good factor.
Furuza-50 is the perfect prohormone for cutting and leaning out. Many use it before competitions or during the spring/summer months.
BRAWN RESPAWN brings back the classic Epi and Tren stack which continues to be as popular as ever! A great stack for cutting or lean bulking. Many users also report impressive strength gains with this stack.