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As the UK's prohormone specialist we consider ourselves to be the top online store to buy prohormones. We stock the classic prohormones like: Superdrol, M1T, Epi, Tren, Halo etc as well as more recent prohormones like: XL Rebellion, EPITRENO, XI-KT, Trest etc. If you are looking to increase muscle mass, strength and performance to new levels there are NO other legal supplements which will or can deliver results like prohormones! Don't believe us? Read the unbiased customer reviews and make your own mind up. 

Biotech Underground PURE 6 Extreme Formula
PURE 6 is 6-chlorinated meaning it has the effects of such compounds as Epistane and Halodrol without the harsh methylated structures these compounds contain
ANON TRIPLE MASS (Superdrol, Ultradrol & Stanodrol)
SUPERSTEN was carefully designed to deliver easy to maintain, explosive muscle mass and strength gains without the water retention or possible risk of 'gyno' associated with 'wet' mass building prohormone stacks.
GoldStar HALO25 (Halodrol)
HALO25 provides a market leading 120, 25mg capsules of the purest halodrol available anywhere! HALO25 is a great choice for first cycles and can be used to support almost any goal from bulking to cutting.
Black Label LEANBULK (Epistane & M1,4ADD)
A revolutionary new lean bulking stack designed to take the mass building effects of M1,4ADD to another level without the usual water retention and risk of oestrogen related side effects.
PN ARIMADERM 60ml (Transdermal Arimistane)
One of the most successful anti-estrogen / PCT compounds ever. Arimistane's ability to ramp up natural test and control estrogen makes it perfect for use both on cycle and as PCT or even as a stand alone natural product.
BRAWN M-STEN (Methylsten / Ultradrol)
M-STEN is similar to superdrol but is much less harsh on the body. If you're looking for huge strength, body composition and lean muscle gains then Brawn M-Sten is an ideal choice.
Furuza-50 is the perfect prohormone for cutting and leaning out. Many use it before competitions or during the spring/summer months.