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SARM LGD, MK677, GW501506, O-BOLSelective Androgen Receptor Modulators or 'SARMs' represent the next era of anabolic research compounds. SARMs are known to increase lean body mass, deliver strength gains, increase fat burning, redcue fat storage, increase growth hormone and IGF-1, prevent muscle wastage etc in many cases without the need for PCT. In real world terms SARMs such as MK-677 (Ibutamoren), MK-2866 (Ostarine), GW501516 (Cardarine), LGD-4033 etc deliver the benefits of anabolic compounds with far less likelyhood of possible side effects. 

Black Label SARM MK-2866 (Ostarine / Enobosarm) GTx-024
MK-2866 is favoured by athletes for its ability to increase performance and muscle mass whilst preventing muscle wastage without side effects. With 12.5mg x 90 Capsules Black Label offers some of the best value and highest quality ostarine available!
New to the market and new to Brawn! Non-steroidal and with proven effectiveness, LGD is the perfect alternative to a PH cycle and the ideal SARM for gaining muscle. Can be used to bulk, cut and/or recomp!
SARM GW, GW-510516 increases glucose tolerance and reduces fat by increasing endurance, making this the perfect SARM for a cut. Due to it's anti-catabolic effect GW can help you lose fat whilst maintaining your size!
MK-677 acts as an orally active GH secretagogue. Benefits aside from muscle building include improved sleep quality, increased muscle and connective tissue growth, boosted immune system, and decreased fat.