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"As the former EMA British and ISKA and NASKA World Kickboxing Champion I understand nutrition and supplementation are crucial for success in any sport. I started using Anabolic Addictions after a layoff from injury and I'm pleased to say it has kept me in as peak physical condition as i could be! I'm happy to know Anabolic Addictions has me back on my road to recovery to the kickboxing ring... Anabolic Addictions provide a very fast and professional service for all your supplementation needs. I will continue to use Anabolic Addictions over and over, they are delts and traps above the rest!!!" Luke 'Superset' Farrow, (Former EMA BRITISH & ISKA, NASKA KICKBOXING WORLD CHAMPION) Co. Durham

"After becoming disillusioned with other online supplement suppliers (UK and US) and also after experiencing a number of order/delivery issues I stumbled by chance onto the Anabolic Addictions website. Before placing my order I decided to email the Anabolic team with some questions about the product I was looking to purchase and what my end goal was, the prompt and honest response I received put my mind at ease and gave me confidence to place an Order immediately. I received the Product within a couple of days along with a free sample to compliment the item purchased, I also received several follow up emails that goes to show the service does not stop at just "taking your money and slamming the door". I have since placed further orders with Anabolic Addictions and the customer values/service have been spot on every time, I cannot recommended them highly enough and have encouraged friends and colleagues to place any future orders with the Anabolic team. I was just a normal guy who wanted to lose weight by buying a product suited to my lifestyle without being told the usual industry BS and waffle, Anabolic Addictions provided that service for me but also went the extra mile and I will now be a customer for life." 
Mark Best, Merseyside   
"I just want to quickly thank you for my recent order and commend you on your fantastic, very efficient service.  This is the first time I have used your company and I must say I will defentely be using you again. I am a lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology and will be for sure letting my student know of your service." Daniel R, Kent

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"Super fast delivery and awesome customer service! Will continue to purchase from you guys and recommend your site to my friends. The team also provides EXCELLENT cycle advice, and helped answer any questions I had in depth" Dean Lee, Reading

"...My goods arrived this morning, less than 24 hours after I ordered them..... delivery is FAST! So here's my overall rating for Anabolic Addictions, it's a solid 10/10, packing was perfect, great customer service, communication is very fast, delivery extremely fast and got a wee free sample thrown in too! Can't be bad to that at all!" Niallrpg, Muscle Talk

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" ...Said it before and I'll say it again but you've got a customer for life and I will continue to recommend you. The best customer service I've ever had, personal and knowledgable to boot! Awesome!"  Rob Egan, West Yorkshire

"A Great value supplement supplier with an outstanding service offering a fountain of intelligence. I have used products from Anabolic Addictions from starting my training and have seen a complete transformation of my physique, health and lifestyle. The products offered are very competitively priced and they bring you the latest the market has to offer which is key in a culture that is forever moving forward. The service provided is second to no one and I have gained such a better understanding of how my body works through the knowledge Anabolic Addictions offered me. I would recommend Anabolic Addictions to anyone, keep up the great work."Louis Shakespeare, Co. Durham

" Remarkable products that I don't mind spending my hard earned money on. I had hit a plateau in the gym until a friend recommended this site, through these products and having my specific queries answered I was able to break through this and see some remarkable results. Thanks again guys for your support and please keep these fantastically priced products coming." Dan Harrison, Tyne & Wear

" Having tried various supplements that did very little for me in the past I was a bit skeptical about the claims on this site. However, I was wrong! After contacting anabolic addictions they advised me on a few possible first cycles and ways to increase my gains with diet and training. I ran epi elite and gained 11lb in 4 weeks, 3/4" on my arms and I look noticeably leaner! Unbelievable results. Thanks again for the advice and support." Ian Fisher, Cleveland 

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